Shortly known as raj, a leader or not but a happy Scorpion who wishes to live the life with in the books he read..

now me myself,

After lazy schoolings had a awakening college days. Thats when the world of books engulfed me.

My favorites were God of small things, Life of Pi, Road less traveled, Kafka on the shore, and the list goes on..

Next to the books, ask me for a trip to any of the hills, without asking your name, will join you. Always fantasize about the ice cold mountains, some times Nat Geo channels will add more desire by showing many of them.

In my language, Life means happy, if not happier. Still lazy enough to sleep round the clock. With a beautiful family and friends, I couldnt have asked for better.

Am I blessed or ‘coz me, a question still.

Funny I used to say, I wanted to have an empire of my own but life taught me to buy a flat. Because no one sells empires these days.

one life!

My favorite two liner. It depends who reads the first line.

What did you get?