Airshow Singapore

Airshow Singapore 2014

Singapore airshow (2014) was open to public visitors on 15th and 16th of Feb. I never wish to miss one of these. They are definitely an experience which barely could express in pictures. The vibe will be great and the near deafening jets and obviously the scorching sun!. I had my tickets booked way long more

Chinese Garden HDR

Chinese Garden in HDR

It was when Kannan came to Singapore and we wanted to give a good work to our beasts – 5DM3. I always fantasize about being there in Chinese Garden (SG), right after a heavy rain. Whole place looks at its best and makes me to forget am in a city state where buildings dominate. Incidentally, more

Xueshan 369 hut

Xueshan 1 | Taiwan 1/10

Syue Mountain / Xueshan / Snow Mountain Its not quite often I write one here counting a trek accomplished. Especially this year, I wanted to ensure to finish a trek and a dive this year. Luckily YMCA (sg) announced Xueshan hiking in Taiwan. It wasnt hard to make my mind for the trip but later more

Xueshan snow mountain taiwan syue mountain

Xueshan 2 | Taiwan 2/10

Syue Mountain peak Trail Xueshan hike part 1 is here Around 5am, I brushed my teeth with a cup of hot water, used toilet in that weather and got my gears ready for the day. Thermo meter was showing minus 8. My worry at that time was not the hike to peak but the fear more

Wuling farm Shiepa national park, taiwan

Wuling Farm | Taiwan 3/10

Wuling Farm At the end of Xueshan hiking, we had a stopover in Wuling Farm. It was beautiful with its colorful flowers and trees. This place is known for Land-locked Formosan Salmon Watching, Alpine botanical garden and various ponds. Also it has excellant accomodation for the hikers. Land locked Salmon Lying below the Wuling Valley, more

Shilin Night Market Taipei

Shilin Market | Taipei 4/10

Shilin Night Market I spent 2 nights spending at Jian Tan Youth center and the night market was my favorite time pass after dinner time. Shilin Night market is huge and mostly not different than mongkok (hong kong) night market. It is a shopping paradise for women and a bit for men as well. Also more

National palace Mueseum Taipei

National Palace Museum | Taiwan 5/10

Taiwan National Museum Following day, I decided to stay in the same place for that night and explore the Taipei city whole day. As per the little plan, my first stop was to National Palace Museum of Taiwan. I bought a 2 day card (ticket) from Jian Tan train station that also gives many discounts. more

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 | Taiwan 6/10

Taipei 101 Later took a Taxi to the nearest metro station and . This was the tallest building on earth from 2004 to 2010. Its vertically 508 meters (little above half a kilometer from ground) and has 101 floors above ground and 5 underground. First 5 floors are treat to eyes. Too much of shopping more

Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo | Taiwan 7/10

Taipei Zoo I have no idea why I visited this place. I should have straightly skipped it. Its good, but not for adults. Its huge and bit entertaining. Kids would love it. Here are some pics. May be the shortest entry in entire site I guess. Check the below Taiwan Links from my blog Xueshan more


Maokang | Taiwan 8/10

Maokong Gondola Maokong gondala and Taipei zoo are at the same metro station. From the Taipei Zoo metro station, one has to walk for 5 mins to find the gondola. This gondola goes all the way to Maokong mountain and the cheapest way to ride. Entire stretch is very beautiful. If you are not afraid, more


Ximending | Taiwan 9/10

Ximending district. As if I havent had enough for the day, I went to Ximending district – one of the night street performance area in shopping belt. It was quite charming. I bought some crispy chicken and took a leisure walk. Somehow I like this place better than the Shilin night market. This is bit more

Beitou HotSpring

Beitou | Taiwan 10/10

Beitou hot springs On the last day I had my flight in the late afternoon. I took a bet and wanted to visit the Beitou hot springs. Luckily it worked. I took the red line and got down at Beitou station. From there, another tram like train takes us to Xin Beitou. It was a more

reed flute cave

Guilin | China 5/5

Reed Flute caves This is the best attraction of the city! Caves are not my best interests but this one didnt give me chance at all. Reed Flut cave is so huge that the entire hills has got nothing inside – it was hollow to a greater extent and the stalactites and stalagmites (or simply more


Guilin | China 4/5

Guilin City Tour 05 April 2013 Marks our wedding anniversary! We kept the day for day tour in Guilin. Hotel arranged a english speaking taxi driver come guide. I have pre requested the places to be covered. Prince City Solitary beauty Park This is one of the tourist spot with “AAAAA” rating. This was a more


Guilin | China 3/5

Lonji Rice Terrace Weather was suppose to be doomed as T-Storms were the warning. Very half heartedly I booked the day tour from the hotel to the rice terrace. In any case, I just wanted it to be an experience. But luck played my side, we had the best weather in Yangshuo, but the route more


Guilin | China 2/5

Li River Cruise This is the first and top tour in the region but luckily just controled by one official tour operator who has online booking! ( I had my booking – otherwise I would have got looted in the name of pickup and drop off charges. Luckily we get picked up for free if more

2 rivers 4 lakes

Guilin | China 1/5

Two Rivers and Four Lakes Somehow I feel am writing one after a very a very long time. In between, wordpress and the theme ran into trouble few times and I had to do a lot just to get it back to the stage what it was. After a real long time, we are back more


Malacca | Malaysia

This trip came as one the best things I bought on groupon. Bought a coupon months ago and had it planned for 3rd and 4th of August. Offlate, my work contributed enough to my stress which made me to looks for this trip quite eagerly. Ofcourse, with a guilty feeling going alone as she is stuck more


Airshow 2012 | Singapore

Airshow happened between 14th-19th and open for public in the last two days. I had my sistic reservations for two and ended up in giving one to one of my colleagues. I reached just that morning to Singapore after a long time. Just like it was planned, clouds were in the super cool mood and more


MacLehose Trail | Hong Kong

Well..well. well.. For obvious reasons this is one of the trip I shall never forget. It all started when one of my trek mate here sent a facebook request where YMCA’s HK trip for Maclehose Trial was to be covered in 4 days. It said 100 KMs. Honestly that didnt sound complicated or daunting task more


World Orchid Show 2011

World Orchid show 2011 was hosted in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Also as part of this, visitors have been granted a sneak peek at the Gardens by the Bay an iconic project near Singapore Flyer. Grand opening of this project is planned to be in July 2012.


Dayang Island Diving

Its all about PADI certification! At times – things look bigger are easier to finish. I scribbled in my diary to enquire PADI certificate in the month of Sep 11. When the page came alive – as usual my little “reading” started. I knew PADI was quite recognized. After a good amount of web-surfing time, more


Cameron Highlands | Malaysia

Its time of the year again. My Birthday. Birthdays aint any more fascinating, just a reminder that am getting old. My plan was a simple dinner outing and I clearly told her that dont even plan for gifts. Temptations doesnt leave anyone. Diwali fell on a friday which elongated the weekend to a longer one. more

gunung datuk

Gunung Datuk Trek

When do people curse themselves? Not often, but once in a while.. A rare one goes here.. Its been nice 4 long years since I trekked. Why hasnt this flashed atleast once? I was really in need of a break. Note, a good break. One of the trekking group announced this trek, just in time. more


Marina Bay Sands

7th Aug’2010 MARINA BAY SANDS – SKYPARK ************************** Three and a half years in Singapore. Still, a lot more to explore in Singapore itself. Lets say, saving for boring weekends. Singapore is totally on fast track for attracting tourists. Resorts world (Universal Studios) is camping at Sentosa and getting ready for a grand opening. Marina more


Vijay’s Vacation

Date : 11-20 June 2010 My soft callings didnt work 2 years that he should spend sometime with me here in SG. This time, I added pressure by sending Visa. Just before its expiration, he was kind enough to take a week’s off from work. None indulges at work more than him I know. I more



Maldives Wedding anniversary III Download slides here She said ‘Ohh’.. As in “Ohhhh my Godddd” with her hand on her mouth when one of the Maldives island looked exactly like a skyblue necklace with lots of diamonds on the blue sea on our last day – when we took off. I was really thrilled too. more


Macau & HongKong

MACAU – CHINA SAR  HONGKONG  And her Birthday, counted!21st Jan’ 2010 Its that – I like to take her out on her birthdays generally. Last year, bunking office for her birthday didnt seem working and my India vacation made her to say no to my ‘Birthday Offer’. This year, somewhere I missed and I got more


myBirthday 2009

I never wanted to have an entry here quoting my own birthday.. Surprises come in lifer and here I am; writing one for my own birthday. And who made me? Its my wife Thenmozhi.. She has advised long back to take leave on my birthday (5th Nov) and with little resistence I accepted. Despite the more


Langkawi | Malaysia

Before you read.. Download this Best of Langkawi ooooh… Its two years.. Since I lost my ‘Bachelor’ title.. Time runs soooo fast.. Langkawi is a small island with minimal but very attractive places to explore. Langkawi is situated some 500kms north west of Kuala lumpur (Malaysia). We have planned for 3 days and knowing not more


Bali | Indonesia

Bali – Indonesia 20 Sep 2008 One thing before I start my actual travelogue.. Most of the Asian countries have rich religious history and still show the fragrance. Everywhere. Beautiful blend of Hinduism in a adorable way.. You could smell from the words, temples, people and even their names.. Okay, now your question is, “whats more


Airforce Open House SG

Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) August 30, 2008 One of the things I like about Singapore govt is how they execute programmes. RSAF open house was advertised and my curious eyes didnt miss it. Paya lebar is the airbase ground for RSAF and open only during these times. Just wanted to have a pleasant more


Bukit Timah : SG

21st June 2008 It was a weekend. Having a many weekends at home made me to think of some activities so does a pending bukit Timah came into mind. Singapore’s highest altitude infact. A small hilly area.. thats all.. A nature reserve for all animals and many flora and fauna.. Worth for a weekend walk. more


Just ‘We’ | China

Few of our pics..


JiuZhaiGou I | China

Its one of my favorite writeup.. Because its for my first anniversary.. all first ones are always better than the rest right.. April 5th was my first anniversary.. I was clueless about my destination.. Australia wasnt promising as it has tight visa procedures for Indians.. I got to see a link given by my wife more


JiuZhaiGou II | China

… JiuZhaiGou continues… Five colored pond continues.. Pearl Shoal falls View from falls At top, pearl shoal falls. we have path to get down I bet, you want this as wall paper. ask mee… Like this, pick places will be there, we have to hop-in This is left Top of ‘Y’. Multi colored lake Not more


Hounglong | China

As the Jiuzhaigou was single day admission against to my idea of spending two days there, I had to finish the park in one day. And infact I was happy that I get a whole day for Huanglong. Below is about Huanglong. I will take over after wiki’s explanation. Huanglong is a scenic and historic more


Desert Safari Dubai : UAE

Dubai has many similiarities with Singapore and notable differences too. First some similarities.. * Dubai has backwater river (called as Dubai creek) * Many of its important buildings sit on the banks of it * It has a very good road system. Now the differences * Its much much hotter than Singapore * Driving is more


Flyer SG

This is one of the longggggggggggggg pending writeup. Infact a month delayed. In my earlier article I have mentioned about Singapore Flyer which is now opened ahead of scheduled finishing and opening date. Its really good for one time “get the feel”. I got a lovely chance to take my parents when they were here. more


Airshow 2008 SG

SINGAPORE AIRSHOW 24th Feb 2008   Publish date : 27th Feb 2008   That was a hot weekend. Very hot infact.  F16s in the air show added up the heat in the air. They claim it’s the largest air show in the APAC region.  This time Airshow got a brand new place and that was more


Airshow 2008 SG Videos

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.) (Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.) (Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old more



Publish date : 28th Jan 2008 THAILAND TRIP :: THENMOZHI’s BIRTHDAY A three month plan. Came to life on 19th Jan. To count Thenmozhi’s birthday on Jan 21st. Even though my bigmouth has leaked a little information about the trip, whereabouts were kept top secret. On 19th at airport I announced that we are heading more


Chinesh Garden SG

Publish Date : 12 September 2007 Quite days… Wondering about that.. Granted, let me break that silence;.. Weekend was not that great with my outing ventures.. still, sharing gives a good feel.. Actually that wasn’t a weekend, a Monday.. Having a free Monday as I started to office late after this outing, made me to more


Merlion SG

Publish Date : 6 Aug 2007 Caught using my mobile last weekend. So ignore the clarity.. Following is the city center of Singapore. On the banks of the Singapore river (actually backwater), famous institutions, banks are there. Singapore has a interesting history and so this river. Read for fun. Singapore Flyer: Launch date Aug-2008. But more


Pulau Ubin SG

Publish Date : 14 August 2007 Dear all, Got a chance to explore a nice place last weekend. Wished to share.. and here it is.. About the place : For environmentalists and conservationists, Chek Jawa is a gem of marine wildlife. Located at the eastern tip of Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa is a collection of more