reed flute cave

Guilin | China 5/5

Reed Flute caves This is the best attraction of the city! Caves are not my best interests but this one didnt give me chance at all. Reed Flut cave is so huge that the entire hills has got nothing inside – it was hollow to a greater extent and the stalactites and stalagmites (or simply more


Guilin | China 4/5

Guilin City Tour 05 April 2013 Marks our wedding anniversary! We kept the day for day tour in Guilin. Hotel arranged a english speaking taxi driver come guide. I have pre requested the places to be covered. Prince City Solitary beauty Park This is one of the tourist spot with “AAAAA” rating. This was a more


Guilin | China 3/5

Lonji Rice Terrace Weather was suppose to be doomed as T-Storms were the warning. Very half heartedly I booked the day tour from the hotel to the rice terrace. In any case, I just wanted it to be an experience. But luck played my side, we had the best weather in Yangshuo, but the route more


Guilin | China 2/5

Li River Cruise This is the first and top tour in the region but luckily just controled by one official tour operator who has online booking! ( I had my booking – otherwise I would have got looted in the name of pickup and drop off charges. Luckily we get picked up for free if more

2 rivers 4 lakes

Guilin | China 1/5

Two Rivers and Four Lakes Somehow I feel am writing one after a very a very long time. In between, wordpress and the theme ran into trouble few times and I had to do a lot just to get it back to the stage what it was. After a real long time, we are back more


Just ‘We’ | China

Few of our pics..


JiuZhaiGou I | China

Its one of my favorite writeup.. Because its for my first anniversary.. all first ones are always better than the rest right.. April 5th was my first anniversary.. I was clueless about my destination.. Australia wasnt promising as it has tight visa procedures for Indians.. I got to see a link given by my wife more


JiuZhaiGou II | China

… JiuZhaiGou continues… Five colored pond continues.. Pearl Shoal falls View from falls At top, pearl shoal falls. we have path to get down I bet, you want this as wall paper. ask mee… Like this, pick places will be there, we have to hop-in This is left Top of ‘Y’. Multi colored lake Not more


Hounglong | China

As the Jiuzhaigou was single day admission against to my idea of spending two days there, I had to finish the park in one day. And infact I was happy that I get a whole day for Huanglong. Below is about Huanglong. I will take over after wiki’s explanation. Huanglong is a scenic and historic more