Malacca | Malaysia

This trip came as one the best things I bought on groupon. Bought a coupon months ago and had it planned for 3rd and 4th of August. Offlate, my work contributed enough to my stress which made me to looks for this trip quite eagerly. Ofcourse, with a guilty feeling going alone as she is stuck more


Dayang Island Diving

Its all about PADI certification! At times – things look bigger are easier to finish. I scribbled in my diary to enquire PADI certificate in the month of Sep 11. When the page came alive – as usual my little “reading” started. I knew PADI was quite recognized. After a good amount of web-surfing time, more


Cameron Highlands | Malaysia

Its time of the year again. My Birthday. Birthdays aint any more fascinating, just a reminder that am getting old. My plan was a simple dinner outing and I clearly told her that dont even plan for gifts. Temptations doesnt leave anyone. Diwali fell on a friday which elongated the weekend to a longer one. more

gunung datuk

Gunung Datuk Trek

When do people curse themselves? Not often, but once in a while.. A rare one goes here.. Its been nice 4 long years since I trekked. Why hasnt this flashed atleast once? I was really in need of a break. Note, a good break. One of the trekking group announced this trek, just in time. more


myBirthday 2009

I never wanted to have an entry here quoting my own birthday.. Surprises come in lifer and here I am; writing one for my own birthday. And who made me? Its my wife Thenmozhi.. She has advised long back to take leave on my birthday (5th Nov) and with little resistence I accepted. Despite the more


Langkawi | Malaysia

Before you read.. Download this Best of Langkawi ooooh… Its two years.. Since I lost my ‘Bachelor’ title.. Time runs soooo fast.. Langkawi is a small island with minimal but very attractive places to explore. Langkawi is situated some 500kms north west of Kuala lumpur (Malaysia). We have planned for 3 days and knowing not more