New Year | 2012

This is actually the second part of Ambasamudram. Last time, we covered Irwin's betrothal at the end of our tour. This time, we kept our itinerrary to attend his marriage first and New year trip as the second.


Parents Trip 2011

I couldn’t wait to pen down this write-up. ‘Coz – am too excited about this or the lessons learnt from the NZ articles that took 6 months to complete. It’s the time of the year for “Parents Trip”. (And completion of some exams, ofcourse). While I was scratching my head about it, Island resorts near more


Chikmagalur | New year 2011

Travel Date – 31 Dec to 2 Jan 2011 This time I got excited as my vacation was rush-free as it ran for continuous 11 days. Started to India on the eve of Xmas and managed to pass through customs with Krish’s TV. Next day spent a good 2 hours in the shopper’s stop at more


Belur Halebidu | New year 2011

BELUR & HALEBIDU NEW YEAR 2011 Just the pics here. read the article previous article. Belur – Slides


Parents trip 2010

This wonderful article comes from Kavitha Arunkumar and my heartfelt thanks to her. Below is in her own words. The eagerly awaited day has arrived, yes its an escape from the noisy roads, polluted air, stressful work. Its Sep 2nd 7.30 p.m. I had already packed but still had last minute work to be settled. more


New Year ’2010 Gokarna

Gokarna – New Year 2010 ““““““““““` Am going to set a goal.. not sure how much am going to follow.. that is — I should publish articles here within 10 days of my Travel. Taking almost a month is too bad.. This trip got almost shaky when there was line of pull outs with their more


Valparai, Two Marriages

I was feeling guilty everytime someone gets married in my gang. Why wont I be.. They took leave for my marriage and spent weeks with me. And for their marriage? am sitting in Singapore and feeling just guilty.. Off late, I was hit with these thoughts. Surprisingly, Senthil’s Mariaage and Shiva’s marriage destined to happen more

Parents Trip

Parents Trip 2009

Parents Trip IV- 27th Sep – 31st Sep 2009 ******************************** I know its tooooooo late in publishing this. Reason? lets keep that off the record. cant accept I was lazy.. hmmm.. It was another wonderful & perfect(almost.. :-P) Parents Trip.. Good news is its 4th time. So happy, aint we? Indeed. It was the beautiful more


NewYear 2009 | Shakleshpur

N E W Y E A R 2 0 0 9 – S H A K L E S H P U R As the years pass, we find newer and newer challenges.. And in our case, challenge comes in the name of ‘Where to’.. Having explored Karnataka quite enough, we are left with very more


Birthday Cards

BIRTHDAY CARDS Its always pleasure wishing our loved ones.. The first one when I started in 2007.. Much of Hardwork & Less of recognition.. The only person I failed to collect a picture.. Designed by Kannan for my Birthday


Vintage : New Year 2006

N E W Y E A R – 2006 COORG Life is lovely with friends.. Just one of the fine chapter is being revisited here.. It was just the start 31st December’2005, we the team (Vijay, Vinoth, Krish, Arun, another Vijay,Sridevi, Nithya, Shiva and Me) were ready for the new year trip. Kubhi missed the more


Parents Trip 2008 | Day 1

Parents Trip 2008 It was 24th of July and the start of promising 3 days. It was a third trip in a row in 3 years.Monsoon and few other reasons earlier, made us to deviate from the Kerala houseboat trip to this Kodaikanal. As usual lot of pre works and plans were in place. Kodaikanal more


Parents Trip 2008 | Day 2 & 3

Second and Third Day pictures of Parents Trip 2009 Thats Jyothika walk, he claims. Caught by Krish.. Krish and ‘Keanu Reeves’ Senthil Color show On our way to that trek Please comment about this photo, please! If it reminds Sara Jessica parker from the ‘Sex and the City’, please forget it! Well grab that chain more


Flowers | PT III

You have 5 seconds now. This will take you to few good shots from Parents Trip III, Kodaikanal.


Vintage : Munnar Trip

Trip date : 3rd March 2005 It was hardly our second venture. But another memorable trip except the journey time. We stayed in a resort called “Forest Haven”. They could have named it little heaven and it lives really to that. It was a small resort and literally we were the only occupants. A small more


Vintage : Bandipur Trip

24th Nov 2005 My only usage of Country Club membership so for.. On joining, they offered 2 Trips one for Bandipur and another one to Goa; Goa havent used at all.. Thats for family alone, however I managed to get Vinoth and Shiva with me. It was a wonderful trip with Lara (Most loved in more


Vintage : First Friend’s Trip

When the Bangalore ‘gang’ formed, we started to think of a Tour.. In less than a month we were ready with Plan A, Plan B, transport arrangements etc..etc.. That was the first time we went to Coorg and it was not only a memorable trip, but our love towards coorg never stopped growing. Even now more


Vintage : Kodaikanal

hmmmmm…. A big sigh from me.. Those lovely days.. Lovely ones.. These pictures are around 3 years old. Taken when we went to kodaikanal. We went to Madurai to attend Krish’s sis’ marriage. Spent good time at Vinoth’s home and heard his childhood stories. Vinoth’s mom conveyed that Vinoth has seen very few movies like more


NewYear 2008

Publish Date 7th Jan 2008 W A Y A N A D N E W Y E A R – 2008 “A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway” — ??!! As usual our planning started way back in September and Kubhi made my life simple by recommending Wayanad as the destination more


Vinoth’s Reception

Publish Date : 02 October 2007 Last week was surprisingly tied with my office work so does these pics, and here bit late. For a change this will be pics of people, with whom my vacation kindled all the thoughts of my bachelor life.. Some pizza hut moments, Aus-Ind 20-20 match winning moments, Vinoth’s reception, more


Parents Trip II 2007

Publish Date : 19 June 2007 hmmmmmm…….. I feel like I wrote that dinner reminder mail just a bit before.. But now, My vacation “Poye pochu”! Still left with chweet memories… As usual, a little bit about the trip before your eyes run to the pictures.. Bear it! Well, my first 3 days has gone more


My Marriage

Publish Date : 18th April 2007 Am back!! With my team this is the best thing I have ever accomplished with the perfection I yearned!.. There are no words to explain how blissful the occasion was.. With their relentless hard work and involvement, they made my wedding day the most memorable one. Starting from the more


New year 2007

Publish date : 3rd Jan 2007 hmmm… Its been a wonderful trip indeed… We joyed a lot.. Following is a little about the trip! Pictures will talk more.. We: Vijay (my bro), Vinoth, Kubhi, Krishna, Arun, Praveen (Arun’s Brother), Senthil, Dhanshekar and ofcourse Me.. hmmm… Where to start… Thats the wonderful evening of 30th december.. more


Krish Birthday 2007

  One I missed, without a wish. still THE MOMENTS For you!!   ….And that was the cake… …. and this is Krish before ‘the Effect’ …and this was how cake looked with zero light.. …. And it was him at the ‘act’ Sorry… the the same ‘him’, after the ‘the Effect’ Good wash guys..!!! more


Nandhi Hills

Publish Date: 17 July 2006 We had a lovely drive to Nandi hills on Sunday. Ten of us drove 5 vehicles and had a resplendent time with the nature and Bangalore’s polluted roads. We played cricket, ate carried delicious food from “Adyar Aananda bhavan” Don’t mess with us! We are rowdies! Smile a lot! It more


Pizza hut visit

Publish Date : 26 June 2006 We didn’t go anywhere, still wanted to share our dinner pics of yesterday taken at Pizza hut, Forum… Just to hear some Monday morning growls If I see any Reply to all with the images, I will have their mailbox full with dumps.. Be honest, if you can’t refrain more


Shiva Birthday 2007

Publish Date : 18th September 2006 It’s the time of the year again!!!!!!!!! Guess what, there are many birthdays on the way..     To initiate first, I invite you all behalf of Siva for a wonderful birthday bash!!!!! Date : TGIF (15th September, Friday)                        Place: The greatest place in the Earth. (Our Home!) Time more


Vinoth’s housewarming

Publish Date: 21st Aug 2007 Itz been long since the last mail. Hmm… We spent a lovely weekend by celebrating our own housewarming function.. (Just the House is Vinoth’s.. heheheee..) Yesterday, we all modeled for Peter England Shirts and Trousers! Courtesy: Vinoth.. Vinoth.. Vinoth.. There were ceremonies I/we attended earlier in life! But not this more


Home Town Visit

Publish Date: 20 June 2006   Last weekend was a memorable one. As I have shifted our house to Krishnagiri, just wanted to take all our guys to my home. Being in tight schedule ;), everybody agreed.                   On Sunday, we all went to Sivaranjini’s home and had a tummy full culinary food of more