The Indian Kite Runner was a typical warm evening at Chennai. It was on my vacation time. I was on the rooftop holding the little one in my arms which I can quote as the most soothing thing of that hour. Down below, the street (road) was filled with auto rickshaw noises. Hazy dust was floating everytime some more

onePlus one review

OnePlus one, a phone for the class!

One of my UK friend asked what is OnePlus one when I mentioned that in social media. I would have asked the same couple of months ago. Same goes to the word Cyanogen! All of a sudden my Note 2, gave up on me and resisted any sort of battery charging. Service centre confirmed its more


How do I fix Images

Often I was asked how do I enhance the picture. Honestly, I prefer to get the perfect from-the-camera itself. However, in real world, we produce anywhere between 2000 to 3000 pictures for each trip. Selecting the right ones and slight enhancement is often becomes mandatory. I was used to these below basic but very powerful more

Jorge Marin

Jorge Marin Art

It was my lunch time and my walk towards my ‘favourite’  (??!!) restaurant came to near halt and got distracted from my phone call. Near to the Singapore river, UOB building hosted sculpture show was the reason. Am generally biased when it comes to metal art and this was intriguing as the details of the more

windows not booting

What happens when you go on a vacation leaving your computer / desktop on.

I did. Exactly thats what I did. Generally I give down time during my vacations but there are times, I leave it that way and go. I never had any troubles. Until this time. Mine was a custom built – where I chose every one of the smallest components and assembled myself – and that more

Workout bench

Whats the best home gym, multi gym..

It was long pending. Last year, my ‘written’ goals for a 6 pack didn’t get me anywhere near. Furious I was, decided to take on this year. Either its me as I like to be or the lazy goose!. Am definitely going to save a lot of time to you if you are thinking anywhere more

Captain Philips and Tom hanks

Captain Philips : A neat execute

  Its been sometime I wrote something about a movie; which obviously does not mean that I didn’t see any good movies. I liked “Gravity”, Ender’s Game, Thor – Dark world, and even Hunger games. Not just that, I watched more movies at home, “Jagten” also known as “The Hunt” and few other thoughtful movies. more

lunch alone

What happens when you eat your lunch alone!

Am not Anti-Social at all, if at all the title raises your brow. If you are in a large team and generally eat with them, you will not agree with what am talking. At all! While I wanted to write about 1000 different things here, this came out of nowhere. It was a typical work more


How to connect Router with BSNL modem

I will not beat around the bush for this! We will not be able to connect a router with BSNL teracom or Huawei modems, reason being BSNL modems connect as gateway where as routers expect it in bridge connection. I spent hours thinking router was faulty. Then I googled and found some admin level change more


Now you see me – what did I see? :O

Movies are all about entertainment, isn’t it!. Over a period of time, entertainment mediums changing rapidly to keep audience enthused. One of the half dead medium is Magic. See this movie, and all you will feel is, there is still HOPE for it. Not like the way Obama says it though. Movie starts with street pranks more


Career – What have you got

Generally I don’t go beyond advising people when asked about their career related questions. But this time dared myself to write a career development entry right here. Thanks to the session I have attended!. For the obvious facts lets just say I was lucky to spend time with some of the great leaders who had more


Which makes it to the top 10 cities of the world where tourists flock!

Came across an eye catching read today which talked about top 10 cities where tourists flock. With a curious eye where I have been and havent, I took a quick look and few werent surprising and few were. Here is the list first before I brag about what I feel about it. 10) Barecelona 9) more

Neethane en Ponvasantham

Neethane En PonVasantham – Made in Tamil but deserves Hollywood

Nethaane En PonVasantham. Am writing this for just one purpose. Just to read this review when am old. Just for the sheer purpose to know how much of joy I got out of this movie and to realize how (much) I felt while watching this flick. I tend to write just good about those movies more


Never ending whirlpool of twists – Talaash – Why you will sink in it!

  Khan came back. This time, with a gripping story anyone would fall for. Its dark, intense drama which wont allow you to yawn even if you have skipped two nights of sleep. Aamir always surprises. This time, for a change, without bothering about any ‘messages’ to the society, he gave a entertainer. Pleasantly surprised – more


Why Life of Pi is Must – Even for kids!

“Life of Piscine Molitor Patel” to be exact. I get super excited whenever a movie is made out of a book I read. And everytime, my expectations about the movie shoot sky high and come home with a slight headache as the movies generally FAIL to cover most of the important things. Life of Pi more


Jab tak Hai Jaan

Let me be honest, I watch hindi movies rarely. Or I have started watching, ‘coz I get the subtitles in English here. I was on a ‘go for it’ mood/mode over this weekend and watched “Poda Podi”, “Thupakki” and on Sunday evening “Jab tak Hai Jaan”. First movie should have been a straight to youtube more


Finally a shot – that a Bond truly deserves!

Am no big fan of Bond series but watched them motsly. Even the older editions have something in them – even now. Be it the location or the technology the imagined – makes you to watch it without forwarding them. When everybody claimed Pierce Brosnan is the best, I felt Daniel Craig is a more more


Barfi! – the reason why we need movies!!

I could have just ignored about writing this. But couldn’t do it, as its a compelling movie which is not to be missed. I told most of my people to watch it. Its that good. Barfi! is the character (our hero – Ranbir Kapoor) named after a radio brand Murphy. Born hearing and vocally challenged, more


English Vinglish – Love you mom!!

Let me not beat around the bush!. Take it. Its Sridevi’s show. A conservative, typical indian house wife’s portrayal, I seriously doubt anyone else could have done better. Its a story of a mom who is happy making laddoos and plays by the book of a typical Indian housewife. There comes few moments of emabarasment more


Casio CTK 3200 (or E333..)

My 10 year passion with learning atleast one music instrument still going. Slightly gave up on my Guitar but Pianos always stayed my favourite instrument for its grandness and mere simple press keys.  However, Grand piano, or Piano would be a fatal mistake at this time considering my reputation of taking it to the end in the more


Doomsday! Windows update fail with 80071A90

This article is valid only for Windows 7 on a 64 bit. It may work with 32 bit as well.  Test yourself! Had couple of weeks of vacation and my  PC (yes, I assembled it by shoving all possible higher configuration so that I can claim am nerd (who is social too)), it spitted this more


The Dark Knight Rises – Dark, Immense, Spectacular and Perfect

Purpose of the movies?  To entertain, to make us think  & to make us feel good. There are movies, gives all in small portions but fails to get recognized in individual expectations. I believed James cameron is the best until I saw Inception (Christopher Nolan). Am quite surprised he is not on par but above more


Billa 2 – A perfect movie viewing experience!!

For a regular movie goer, at times, the posh, decent, quiet and mechanical experience makes to forget the past – how we used to watch movies in Indian rural theatres. I rarely go to Tamil movies here, considering the attitude of theatre building and the people out there. Its bit overwhelming for me. There are more


Wished I could cry!

Am going to bat for human in me and the Cylon version of me parallelly. A deep void was there after moving to new place especially when I had the whole place for me. It kept occupied (I hate the word busy!) for sometime and gave me deep and switch-off,switch-on sleep. I thought I won more


Madagascar 3 : Europe’s most wanted.

Its Friday! and the best possible way to cheat myself that am having fun time is to push myself to a movie!. Even when I feel sulky, sleepy with red veins in eyes. Madagascar is one of the movies I would never forget. Watched the first part with my brother and Shiva back in Bangalore more


Wisdom from a cab driver!

A friday evening was spent how exactly not to be spent. I dont have much options that my mind considers other than heading to a movie here in Golden Village. The trailor created lotsa interest and the ever promising Johnny Depp and the Tim Burton promised me something. Trusted that and went for night show. more


A wowww day in Singapore | Universal Studios

Honestly this writing should have gone into Singapore section of this site. However, dont want to ruin the fun. So leaving it to your vivid imaginations. This long pending thing got into reality as my wife joined here for a short vacation and I ended up taking her there and I enjoyed too, really. There more


The Avengers – Avenged?

As of today (4th May’12) 65K users have rated 8.8 out of 10 for this movie. Deserves? Well, am sure its mixed. I keep my expectations at bay whenever the rating of a movie exceeds 8 in Reason is simple, either it lives for the expectations or fails pathetically. I enjoyed or was happy more


3 – Tamil Movie

A movie that  really inspired me to start writing “My Views” section in this site. I follow both Dhanush and Aishwaya R Dhanush. I always felt Dhanush is polite, simple but fully packed. His national award winning performance in Aadukalam raised my expectation from Vetrimaaran and Dhanush too. I always look for more from this more

Marina Tamil Movie

Marina – Tamil Movie

  Am extending my writing towards non-travel related stuffs too. Just whatever caught my attention even its for a brief, here it is. Watched Marina movie last night (ofcourse this was released in Feb 2012) and wished I should write something about the daring efforts to get the real Marina and their lifestyle to our more

Calvin & Hobbes

My views coming soon!!

My views coming soon!!