Kodachadri Trek

My previous company (HCL) was kind enough to pick me for another memorable trek. This time we conquered (?!) ‘Kodachadri Peak’ which is in western ghats of coastal Karnataka..

With a wind speed of 30KMPH and a straight expose to the fierce rain at the height of around 1200 meters tried to tore us in many ways.. Fortunately it was persistence what helped us to finish the trek with many leech bytes… Here are few pics for all of you! Don’t get jealous!. We got drenched continuous 2 days, many leech bytes, fear of leeches in sleeping bags, a dried roti with pickle as the breakfast, and a coverage of more than 30 Kms of steep hills in two days!!! No less than hardest…

Still we had lovely time with the nature.. Have a look these.. We interacted with clouds all the time..