Neethane En PonVasantham – Made in Tamil but deserves Hollywood

Neethane en Ponvasantham
Nethaane En PonVasantham.

Am writing this for just one purpose. Just to read this review when am old. 😛 Just for the sheer purpose to know how much of joy I got out of this movie and to realize how (much) I felt while watching this flick.

I tend to write just good about those movies deserve a place here. And I generally ignore the smallest mistakes they do as I just consider the overall experience.

Here, gonna be bit rude to one of my most favorite director, Gautam Vasudev Menon! Without any doubts he is one of the finest directors in India.

few scenes are boring. Really boring. Or it definitely missed to amuse the mass and even draws open criticism right at the movie hall.

I didnt care. I believed in him and will believe him again. And the outcome of the movie is one of the best of the movie watching experience.

Am sure, many of them would have felt the real warmness of their tears rolling down when that flooded uncontrollably. Its definitely not crying but the act of our heart acting like a kid which is wanting to get superman powers while watching a superman movie. Its desire! Beyond the measures.

Jiiva, he is choosy about the projects he work and did an awesome job in these. Its hard to believe those transitions from school to college and as a fully grown youngster. His acting was just perfect and had no loose ends.

Samanta fits even cuter. She fits the school dress and fits the grown beautiful woman’s role at ease. She is cute and and her acting is matured. Its hard to believe she is new entrant to this arena. And in the second half, every time she cries, our heart melts. Hmmmm..

Even when Gautam’s first film Vaseegara didnt make huge waves, many agreed its a nice romantic flick of the year and the music was definitely a hit. Harris Jeyaraj and Gautam gave many hits after this. Gautam this time, joined the Maestro Isai Gnani Ilayaraja. Again, without any doubts, as Gautam claims, its a musical film but am sceptical whether this could have got any better or not. In simple, it worked.

Now to the most important, the Director himself. Everyone knows he gave some of the best romantic moments in the silverscreen. They are all very practical and just real life examples. He came out and gave an all out effort and the outcome is breath taking. It starts in school days, finishes to a nail biting end. Ofcourse at times scenes were bit saggy, unfortunately they are real life scenarios – so no dramas in them. Apart from that, it just worked. Especially – the last 45 minutes of the movie, would make anyone cry. It works best because everyone falls in to the screen and starts to believe it as a real story which NEED to have a positive end.

How can I write about them without getting into the details?! Honestly, its sheer pain for the viewers just as the pain of the Varun and Nithya face it the movie. We weave along the movie and all we wish is them to unite again. Those moments, the flora and fauna, the scenes, the drive, the music, the moment, hmmm.. Best of the best to put in my least of expressions.

I will definitely would wanna see it again. Its only for 2 categories, to those who had good time in their school days, and to those who had been just as audience. It wont make sense to anyone else. No other movies would make sense to them to be honest. 😛

I recollect a lyric from somewhere, “Love is the pain of feeling separated.. even for a moment..”.

Pray it should be made in your language if Tamil isnt your mother tongue! 😉

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