The Indian Kite Runner was a typical warm evening at Chennai. It was on my vacation time. I was on the rooftop holding the little one in my arms which I can quote as the most soothing thing of that hour. Down below, the street (road) was filled with auto rickshaw noises. Hazy dust was floating everytime some more

onePlus one review

OnePlus one, a phone for the class!

One of my UK friend asked what is OnePlus one when I mentioned that in social media. I would have asked the same couple of months ago. Same goes to the word Cyanogen! All of a sudden my Note 2, gave up on me and resisted any sort of battery charging. Service centre confirmed its more


Parambikulam | New Year 2014

This is part 2. Part 1 is here Parambikulam Tiger Reserve 31st Dec 2013 Last day of the year, right after early(??!!) breakfast, we crossed the borded which is hardly couple of KMs from the topslip. Topslip was looking bit pale and made me to recollect my faint lush green memories atleast 15 years back. more


Valparai | New year 2014

“Destination is half the fun, the journey is!” Somehow this is very acceptable in our case. New Year trips always gave us the much needed break and fun time with friends. Its the mid of April of 2014 when am writing this with “appreciating” myself for the time I took to write this article. Istarted more


How do I fix Images

Often I was asked how do I enhance the picture. Honestly, I prefer to get the perfect from-the-camera itself. However, in real world, we produce anywhere between 2000 to 3000 pictures for each trip. Selecting the right ones and slight enhancement is often becomes mandatory. I was used to these below basic but very powerful more

Jorge Marin

Jorge Marin Art

It was my lunch time and my walk towards my ‘favourite’  (??!!) restaurant came to near halt and got distracted from my phone call. Near to the Singapore river, UOB building hosted sculpture show was the reason. Am generally biased when it comes to metal art and this was intriguing as the details of the more

Airshow Singapore

Airshow Singapore 2014

Singapore airshow (2014) was open to public visitors on 15th and 16th of Feb. I never wish to miss one of these. They are definitely an experience which barely could express in pictures. The vibe will be great and the near deafening jets and obviously the scorching sun!. I had my tickets booked way long more

windows not booting

What happens when you go on a vacation leaving your computer / desktop on.

I did. Exactly thats what I did. Generally I give down time during my vacations but there are times, I leave it that way and go. I never had any troubles. Until this time. Mine was a custom built – where I chose every one of the smallest components and assembled myself – and that more

Workout bench

Whats the best home gym, multi gym..

It was long pending. Last year, my ‘written’ goals for a 6 pack didn’t get me anywhere near. Furious I was, decided to take on this year. Either its me as I like to be or the lazy goose!. Am definitely going to save a lot of time to you if you are thinking anywhere more

Chinese Garden HDR

Chinese Garden in HDR

It was when Kannan came to Singapore and we wanted to give a good work to our beasts – 5DM3. I always fantasize about being there in Chinese Garden (SG), right after a heavy rain. Whole place looks at its best and makes me to forget am in a city state where buildings dominate. Incidentally, more

Captain Philips and Tom hanks

Captain Philips : A neat execute

  Its been sometime I wrote something about a movie; which obviously does not mean that I didn’t see any good movies. I liked “Gravity”, Ender’s Game, Thor – Dark world, and even Hunger games. Not just that, I watched more movies at home, “Jagten” also known as “The Hunt” and few other thoughtful movies. more

lunch alone

What happens when you eat your lunch alone!

Am not Anti-Social at all, if at all the title raises your brow. If you are in a large team and generally eat with them, you will not agree with what am talking. At all! While I wanted to write about 1000 different things here, this came out of nowhere. It was a typical work more

Xueshan 369 hut

Xueshan 1 | Taiwan 1/10

Syue Mountain / Xueshan / Snow Mountain Its not quite often I write one here counting a trek accomplished. Especially this year, I wanted to ensure to finish a trek and a dive this year. Luckily YMCA (sg) announced Xueshan hiking in Taiwan. It wasnt hard to make my mind for the trip but later more

Xueshan snow mountain taiwan syue mountain

Xueshan 2 | Taiwan 2/10

Syue Mountain peak Trail Xueshan hike part 1 is here Around 5am, I brushed my teeth with a cup of hot water, used toilet in that weather and got my gears ready for the day. Thermo meter was showing minus 8. My worry at that time was not the hike to peak but the fear more

Wuling farm Shiepa national park, taiwan

Wuling Farm | Taiwan 3/10

Wuling Farm At the end of Xueshan hiking, we had a stopover in Wuling Farm. It was beautiful with its colorful flowers and trees. This place is known for Land-locked Formosan Salmon Watching, Alpine botanical garden and various ponds. Also it has excellant accomodation for the hikers. Land locked Salmon Lying below the Wuling Valley, more

Shilin Night Market Taipei

Shilin Market | Taipei 4/10

Shilin Night Market I spent 2 nights spending at Jian Tan Youth center and the night market was my favorite time pass after dinner time. Shilin Night market is huge and mostly not different than mongkok (hong kong) night market. It is a shopping paradise for women and a bit for men as well. Also more

National palace Mueseum Taipei

National Palace Museum | Taiwan 5/10

Taiwan National Museum Following day, I decided to stay in the same place for that night and explore the Taipei city whole day. As per the little plan, my first stop was to National Palace Museum of Taiwan. I bought a 2 day card (ticket) from Jian Tan train station that also gives many discounts. more

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 | Taiwan 6/10

Taipei 101 Later took a Taxi to the nearest metro station and . This was the tallest building on earth from 2004 to 2010. Its vertically 508 meters (little above half a kilometer from ground) and has 101 floors above ground and 5 underground. First 5 floors are treat to eyes. Too much of shopping more

Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo | Taiwan 7/10

Taipei Zoo I have no idea why I visited this place. I should have straightly skipped it. Its good, but not for adults. Its huge and bit entertaining. Kids would love it. Here are some pics. May be the shortest entry in entire site I guess. Check the below Taiwan Links from my blog Xueshan more


Maokang | Taiwan 8/10

Maokong Gondola Maokong gondala and Taipei zoo are at the same metro station. From the Taipei Zoo metro station, one has to walk for 5 mins to find the gondola. This gondola goes all the way to Maokong mountain and the cheapest way to ride. Entire stretch is very beautiful. If you are not afraid, more


Ximending | Taiwan 9/10

Ximending district. As if I havent had enough for the day, I went to Ximending district – one of the night street performance area in shopping belt. It was quite charming. I bought some crispy chicken and took a leisure walk. Somehow I like this place better than the Shilin night market. This is bit more

Beitou HotSpring

Beitou | Taiwan 10/10

Beitou hot springs On the last day I had my flight in the late afternoon. I took a bet and wanted to visit the Beitou hot springs. Luckily it worked. I took the red line and got down at Beitou station. From there, another tram like train takes us to Xin Beitou. It was a more


How to connect Router with BSNL modem

I will not beat around the bush for this! We will not be able to connect a router with BSNL teracom or Huawei modems, reason being BSNL modems connect as gateway where as routers expect it in bridge connection. I spent hours thinking router was faulty. Then I googled and found some admin level change more


Now you see me – what did I see? :O

Movies are all about entertainment, isn’t it!. Over a period of time, entertainment mediums changing rapidly to keep audience enthused. One of the half dead medium is Magic. See this movie, and all you will feel is, there is still HOPE for it. Not like the way Obama says it though. Movie starts with street pranks more