The ravenous Rain


Time“, I heard in a tone that weaves your heart.
That’s the name of it and I wouldn’t have asked,
I didn’t dare.

No one knew, carried it, so deep.
And so shallow, when rains, so hard.
First sign, gulp of cold wind,
then magic unswirled.

Spirals of droplets, neat and smooth,
weaves and weaves, soak until rhythm.
Another deep breath, rhythm was beyond.

Broke silence, asked,
what is that you have;
that I was cursed to have not.
All I want, aren’t we all?

As if will hear this time, an answer..
Kid’s heart you become, less wanting.
Surface turned green, small and smaller.
Another blink, and looked over shoulder,
have I grown wings, so not yet.

More drizzles and pastures with mists,
where one lose themselves.
It was a long snooze. Thought said it didn’t,
Heart said it was. will I care? Less.

Long after, dark and dark mellowed green.
drizzles wet eyes gently,
winds howling and ear petals cold and numb.
Now I knew I will hear,
and thought said, it’s not end, see you soon.

Joyous moments they were. It’s no exception,
we need bad things. know that all what’s good, after all.
There was one, mother of all.
Yes, thought was back, it rested too,
came back fierce. Demanded all, at once.

Shy of a cry, more of a pain,
joy of a hell, all at once.
Nags you, swindles you, pulls you, pushes you,
all at once. Before you gain the feet.

Looked up, so high, sky was pale.
Pale of pale. You knew, I was asking,
Rain, will not pray.
I wasn’t dreaming, really it did. It did.

All over again. Harsh and harsh. All I saw,
One thing. Sparkles of silvers and crystals.
Hadn’t I touched them, believed them else.
It was longer, even more intense.

Rain stopped with the long eerie silence.
Silence that scared the self ‘coz of self..
It wasn’t too late, eyes stared to the horizon..
Not too late, I noticed. I wasn’t drowning anymore.

Then that angel said, fluttering wings.
That’s your lesson, for you to master.
It waits for no one, never.
You will never be no one. Ever.


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