The Wanderer

The Wanderer

Stop not, Rest not, thy said
Fear not, forever not, I said
Cry not, pry not, he said
Walked between nots and nots.

Mirage kept alive, red thickened more
Soul indurated, wanderer failed again,
to stop.

Wanderer spoke to me, knowing he is me,
Silly you, still smiling, know now, pause time.
Gather you.

Said soft; walls of walls, running strong
test of time, will not whine
formidable, but forseeable,
will pause, when time.
Says so.

We stared, gushing wind, passing cheeks.
Nasals smelt mud, ears heard sands crush
slowly again and again

Changes, changed
doubts crept, where is he, me.
ears knew, sands still singing.
I know, didnt stop yet.
Long it was. Very.

Green and breeze, water and cattle
trees and fruits, cozy crossed you times
fool you or fooled? The above one asked.
They were real.

Wrinkled eyes, opened little.
Yes, mine.

Yes sire, know all, I know they were real.
Fault on you, reckoned.
Creator’s creation mulled.
Chinned up, said strong,
Strength I have, multiplied
What you gave.

I will rest,
when sands stop singing.
I will rest, when the Oasis,

I see is mine.

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